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Aesthetics, space saving, serviceability and budget limitations call for challenging yet innovative architectural designs to fulfil client requirements. Compliance with fire safety regulations are part of this fulfilment and thus, brilliant fire safety design is a must.

Fire Design Solutions work alongside architects and designers to fulfil an aesthetic vision or meet client goals, while maintaining the highest level of fire safety possible.

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Planning the fire safety strategy for your next project can indeed be exhaustive, especially for large development projects such as shopping centres, stadia, hospitals, residential buildings and other large multi-use complexes. With that being said, specialist consultant services are often required.

As an architect, engineer or lead designer, you know that fire safety is not all about Approved Document B. In fact, Approved Document B is only one of many critical fire safety compliance guides including the Fire Safety Order 2005, Building Regulations & Fire Safety Procedural Guidance, BS 476-7, and BS EN 13501-1 to name a few. Following all fire safety regulations and ensuring compliance is a vital responsibility of its own.

This is partially why RIBA released a statement on design for fire safety following the fatal fire of Grenfell Tower in 2017. RIBA raised their concerns around the regulatory and procurement regimes for buildings, concluding that the fire safety regulatory regime should be informed by the specialist fire safety expertise of relevant professional organisations and groups.

Compliance can be demonstrated by the adoption of fire engineered solutions, which is obviously helpful when developing large projects. Employing a specialist fire safety consultant means a more versatile, flexible and effective strategy.

Demonstrating Compliance

Compartmentation of complex structures – which is often non-optimal when done - will lead to restricted layouts and unnecessarily enclosed spaces and will ultimately effect shoppers and retailers.

Aesthetics and functionality could be affected, and cost may even be higher. To avoid this, there are many ways to calculate and offset a fire load in a building, whether it’s through smoke ventilation systems, sprinkler systems and so on.

By doing so and working hand-in-hand with Lead Designers, we can formulate the ultimate solution without compromising on safety, aesthetics, functionality and cost.

So, as you architects, designers and engineers think creatively about incorporating high-standard fire safety solutions with great aesthetics, cost efficiency, we’re also developing fire solutions tailored to each of your requirements.

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Residential Smoke Ventilation

FDS - A Guide to Smoke Control in Residential DevelopmentsDownload the Guide

Fire Design Solutions

Fire Design Solutions (FDS) are one of the leading UK fire safety design, systems, smoke ventilation and installation contractors.

Maximise usable space and reduce costs through creative solutions from FDS. Our expert team of qualified engineers strive to exceed industry standards with our range of fire safety systems and smoke ventilation solutions.

We work hand-in-hand with architects to provide state-of-the-art fire safety solutions - designed and installed by us.

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Guide to Residential Smoke Ventilation

Guide To Residential Smoke Ventilation

When it comes to specifying, installing and maintaining fire systems, it is essential to remember the purpose and importance of smoke ventilation. This mini-guide looks at the options and professional support available when it comes to smoke ventilation specification. Download
Smoke Ventilation Systems Applications

Smoke Ventilation Systems Applications

By keeping escape routes such as corridors and staircases clear, smoke ventilation systems allow the evacuation of residential buildings. Here, we look at the range of systems available to architects, developers and contractors and the benefits that they can bring to a project. Download
The 2019 Fire Design Solutions Brochure

The Fire Design Solutions Brochure

An overview of our services that cover all smoke ventilation requirements. The new Fire Design Solution brochure offers an insight into our full-service offering, whether that be design, specification, supply, installation, commissioning, project management or even service and maintenance. Download
The FDS Group Case Study: Phoenix

FDS Group Case Study: Phoenix

Appointed to the project by Fairview Homes, FDS Group, comprising of Fire Design Solutions and FDS Consult were tasked with providing a full fire safety solution which would see the utilisation of a full fire strategy and CFD modelling to adhere to the fire safety Building Regulations. Download

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