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At Fire Design Solutions we understand that functionality, efficiency and above all safety, are key concerns for a M&E Contractor. It’s our aim to provide a high-level of service to help combat these objectives when it comes to fire safety.

Fire Design Solution’s innovative approach to fire safety design, helps M&E Contractors reduce both system and component costs as well as installation time. Our expertise has led us to providing consultancy on some of the largest commercial and residential projects in the UK. Offering tailored insight into the correct

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M&E Contractor

Early Engagement Benefits

Early engagement with a multi-discipline consultancy such as Fire Design Solutions can provide numerous benefits when looking to achieve a high level of efficiency whilst complying to required regulation and maintaining budgets.

FDS can help you optimise project progress and costs without compromising compliance. As one of the UK’s leading fire design experts, we can offer expert guidance through the whole process of fire safety and smoke ventilation.

Our Service Solution Provides...

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improve cost-savings
  • Integrated building consultancy services
  • Painless administration
  • A single point of contact

Put Your Faith In Us

Join our growing client roster and instruct Fire Design Solutions to provide consultancy services on your latest project. You’ll find clear strengths in our trusted range of services and as a multi-discipline consultancy we can advise on your project from consultancy right through to commissioning and on-going service and maintenance.

Our multi-disciplined approach is in-line with the latest recommendations to arise from the independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety.

Download our Guide to
Residential Smoke Ventilation

FDS - A Guide to Smoke Control in Residential Developments


Fire Design Solutions

Here at FDS we implement innovative techniques to demonstrate which type of system should be utilised on a specific project.

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ system in our line of work. We know that tailoring the system to the demands of the building will produce the most effective solutions in terms of safety and efficiency.

Our experience and investment in design rationalisation allows us to implement dynamic solutions to ensure efficient use of budgets.

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Guide To Residential Smoke Ventilation

When it comes to specifying, installing and maintaining fire systems, it is essential to remember the purpose and importance of smoke ventilation. This mini-guide looks at the options and professional support available when it comes to smoke ventilation specification. Download

Smoke Ventilation Systems Applications

By keeping escape routes such as corridors and staircases clear, smoke ventilation systems allow the evacuation of residential buildings. Here, we look at the range of systems available to architects, developers and contractors and the benefits that they can bring to a project. Download

The 2019 Fire Design Solutions Brochure

An overview of our services covering all of your smoke ventilation needs. The new Fire Design Solution brochure offers an insight into our full service offering, whether that be design, specification, supply, installation, commissioning, project management or even service and maintenance. Download
The FDS Group Case Study: Phoenix

The FDS Group Case Study: Phoenix

Appointed to the project by Fairview Homes, FDS Group, comprising of Fire Design Solutions and FDS Consult were tasked with providing a full fire safety solution which would see the utilisation of a full fire strategy and CFD modelling to adhere to the fire safety Building Regulations. Download

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Fire Design Solutions provides the complete service to deliver the ideal smoke ventilation system design and installation for your  Learn More

Installation & Commissioning

Fire Design Solutions has an experienced and professional team of project managers and engineers to install our systems. Learn More

Service & Maintenance

Fire Design Solutions provides planned maintenance and emergency call out service support. Learn More

Do you want to have creative freedom to design and build the buildings you want whilst sticking to regulation and enhancing profitability?

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